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Breast Discomfort

Common Causes Of Breast Discomfort

Breast discomfort in women is not all that uncommon, and not necessarily indicative of the presence of a particular disease or disorder. Pregnancy and breast discomfort associated with a woman's menstrual cycle are two fairly common situations. Benign breast tumors can also occasionally cause discomfort, and unnecessary worry as well. Other common causes are conditions known as Cyclic Breast Discomfort and Fibrocystic Breast Discomfort. A cyst in the breast can result in discomfort, as can any kind of infection or abscess. The most feared cause would of course be a malignant tumor, although such tumors do not always cause pain or discomfort. In fact, it is probably worth noting that breast pain or discomfort is not a common symptom of malignancy or cancer. Medications often are a root cause of various aches and pains, the breast being no exception.

Menstruation, Pregnancy, And Menopause - The most common occurrence of breast discomfort occurs during a woman's menstrual period and is the result of hormonal changes. Since the discomfort is felt periodically, usually on a monthly basis, the condition is known as Cyclic Breast Discomfort, and accounts for roughly 60 % of all breast discomfort experiences. Although hormonal changes are believed to play a role, the exact cause of this type of breast discomfort remains unknown. Fibrocystic Breast Discomfort is also most often experienced during menstruation. The condition is already there, and features a number of lumps in the tissue of the breast. During the menstrual cycle, these lumps tend to become more tender, especially just before the start of the woman's period.

Women also occasionally experience breast discomfort during menopause, especially when undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Even men can experience this kind of discomfort, as they have breast tissue as do women, simply not as much, and the condition in men is not nearly as common as is the case with women.

Pregnancy is another cause of breast discomfort. The discomfort generally occurs during the first trimester, and may occur at or soon after childbirth, as the breasts start filling with milk, especially if they become swollen with milk. Younger women who become pregnant often appear to be more susceptible to pregnancy related episodes of breast discomfort.

When To Seek Help - At some point in time medical help may be needed if the discomfort persists, especially if a discharge of pus or blood from the nipples occurs, or there is any sign that an infection may be present. Although breast discomfort for short periods of time, such as cyclic discomfort can be regarded as normal, though irritating, if the discomfort persists for a long period of time, medical advice should probably be sought. In the meantime, occasional breast self-examinations would be a good idea, and any other unusual symptoms one is experiencing should probably be noted and relayed to the health care provider.

In some instances of course, a mammogram and/or X-ray may be prescribed, and a biopsy taken if the doctor feels that is needed. Such practices do not indicate that the situation is necessarily serious, but rather that all precautions should be taken to ensure that if something isn't as it should be, it is detected early.

Breast Discomfort Is Seldom A Serious Condition - More often than not, a prescribed treatment may consist of dietary changes, or changes in medication, if medication presently being taken is suspect. In some instances pain medication may be the extent of the treatment recommended. As is the case with so many disorders, breast discomfort seldom means something is seriously wrong, and any treatment prescribed, if necessary at all, will usually focus on providing relief first, and when possible eliminating the cause.



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